The Return to Your Social Life

The pandemic is still weighing heavily on all our minds. Is it really over now? Will the next lockdown soon follow? And the most important question: What do I do with my social life now?

The countless possibilities that seemed impossible for months have almost overtaken us. Whether going to the movies, going out to eat or simply to a bar – what still sounded like a sad joke in 2020, is now possible again.

In the following, we’ll help you on how to get back to your old social life!

Oldies but Goldies

First, think about what you enjoyed doing before the pandemic. If you were never much of a party person, you probably won’t be now, neither. Did you enjoy long mountain routes? Get back to a smaller, familiar mountain trail first! Did you like spending hours at your favorite coffee shop? Why don’t you choose a coffee to go or to sit in for only a little at first?

Through 2 years of our daily lives looking different from what they ever had, we’ve developed new patterns. To cut them off from one day to the other is a big adjustment and really overwhelms us. So let’s take a look at how we can get back to our old habits, little by little.

Approach your Friends Actively

Your friends are rather spontaneous and in general everything is quite relaxed? Sounds good at first, but don’t forget: You are not the only one who is struggling right now. We have all gone through 2 years that were far different from our usual everyday life. No one is the same as they were before the pandemic. Therefore, express to your friends a clear desire of what you feel like. For example: “I would like to go to restaurant XY like before”. Or “Let’s try out this new café”.

This way, you can see directly whether you’re more in the mood for new things or the tried and true. And on top of that, your meeting will take shape.

Schedule your Plans

You often feel the desire to do something, but at the last second the motivation leaves you? Here it usually helps to make plans directly. Set a day and a time and integrate it into your daily routine. So you have no room for excuses 😉 ..thank me later!

Don’t make your Social Life Dependent on Others

As nice and valuable as it is to have good friends, the past months have also shown us how important it is to spend time with yourself. Why not schedule 2 evenings a week to go to the gym, go for a walk or read your latest book? Make sure to build enough me-time into your daily routine. This way you are less dependent on the availability of your friends and you do something good for yourself.

Try New Things – Upgrade your Old Social Life!

After following our previous points, it’s time to show the pandemic who’s boss 😎 Don’t let the 2 years get you down and try something new! That cute cafe that opened on your street? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. During your break, treat yourself to your favorite coffee or that piece of cake you’ve been craving for so long.

In the mood to eat more internationally? How about the new peruvian restaurant that opened just around the corner?

Use NETME right now and see what’s near you. And never forget: make the most of your day – no one can take that away from you!


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