The Perfect Profile Picture

As the saying goes, “Looks decide whether you get to know each other, character decides whether you continue to meet”. Even in an app with profile pictures we unfortunately cannot completely ignore this statement. That’s why we’re going to give you some tips on how to create the perfect profile picture so that it will never get in your way again.

What is important for a profile picture? We could start discussing the right head position and the right degree of teeth exposure, but that’s not the really important thing. The profile picture is from you – and thats what counts.

Tip 1: The outfit should be typical for you.

Are you spontaneous and like to show your wild side? Then the nerd look with a buttoned white blouse and blazer might not be the right thing to present yourself to other users as you really are.

Tip 2: Find a picture where you are 100% yourself.

Think about what you would associate with the picture if you saw it on someone else’s site. You can also check yourself by looking at the profile pictures of other users. You will find yourself getting an impression by grimaces, clothing style or other characteristics. And that is not bad – it is in our nature. And since our app is all about connecting online, this profile picture is the only clue that will decide whether or not to meet.

Tip 3: Ask friends for advice

Ask your friends what they think, which picture best reflects you and your personality. Often outsiders have a completely different perspective and can help you.

Tip 4: Be aware of what you want to achieve

Be aware in advance of what you would like to experience at Netme. Would you rather be invited for a cosy brunch or would you rather celebrate on Saturday evening? If a profile picture has been taken at the party, you will probably be invited in bars most of the time.

Tip 5: Be yourself!

But one thing remains the same – the best impression you can get from a person is through their facial expressions and gestures. The latter is of course impossible to experience before a first meeting, but with a profile picture that shows your face centrally, you will be more likely to arouse emotions in other users. So don’t stand in the shadows, be self-confident and show us who you really are! Whether calm, well-behaved, wild, spontaneous – you are exactly as you are, perfect! We can hardly wait!


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