The Modern Woman in 2023

Mom, Boss, Sister, Friend and Wife – this is what we think of when talking about the modern woman of 2023!

The development of women’s has changed dramatically in recent years. Today we see a more stronger and independent woman.

In this blogpost, we want to share with you how the modern woman has developed and in which situations she particular reveals herself!

Career of a Modern Woman

In today’s world, a woman makes a career and a man stays at home. These days, it has become normal for a woman to take care of her career. Many leadership positions are currently held by modern women – the reason for this is ambition and will. A good example is Angela Merkel, who has remained chancellor of Germany for 16 years.

The Independent Woman

Today’s woman is independent and self-centred. If we look back, this has not always been the case. We used to see a woman who was dependent on a man and not allowed to work. The modern woman breaks this old pattern of behaviour by fighting for equality. Women are becoming more independent, even in countries where their rights are suppressed. Women cut off their hair as a protest for women’s rights. This shows how independent women are becoming and standing up for themselves.

The Diversity in 2023

Women have always been very multitasking. They run a household, make a career and have hobbies on the side. But the diversity of women has also changed in terms of sexuality. We now have more women than ever being attracted to other women – and we love it!

How to describe the Modern Woman in 2023?

If we look at the history of women, we can definitely say that the modern woman of 2023 has become stronger than ever and never give up on fighting for equality. Among many others, Olympus de Gouges was a French feminist who fought for women’s rights and so much has been achieved since then. Every woman is worth it and should have the opportunity to develop.

All in all, women are just as important as men, and it’s great to see how women have grown in recent years.

At NETME, we encourage everyone who are still in a difficult phase to stand up and we hope to see even more empowerment of modern women in 2023 and the future.


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