That’s why NETME works better than other Apps

Who doesn’t know it. You’ve just been through a painful breakup and to distract yourself, a Tinder profile is quickly created.

That this rarely ends well and usually ends in more tears for women, in frustration for both sexes is no secret anymore. 

However, this is no wonder if you take a look at why you create such a profile. The intention is to distract yourself. If the chemistry is right, the intention often changes, at least on one side.

What many also forget: You can’t force relationships, be they friendships or partnerships. And even the digital world will not be able to change this. It offers us a large pool of people that we can use to make contact and to get in touch with. 

Everything else takes place between people, since emotions can only be transported through interactive conversations with facial expressions and gestures.

Dating apps promise too much. They promise something that is beyond their means and therefore the feeling arises that “once again it hasn’t worked out”.

NETME offers a platform to get into real conversation and get in touch. So you stay open for everything and the chemistry then decides how to go on. So there are no more disappointments – everything is possible with us and nothing must. 

Because we attach great importance to privacy, the platform only offers space for simple invitations. So there is no danger of receiving unwanted pictures. Furthermore, every invitation can also be rejected, so that the wishes of every single user are respected.

We would like to offer you a platform to get in contact. We cannot promise anything else and, unlike others, we will not. The nice thing about it is to be surprised at the way a conversation turns out, how the chemistry between two people is and what develops out of it. Nothing in life can be predicted and certainly not forced.

Be open and spontaneous and let yourself be surprised what happens. Expect nothing – because that’s when the best happens.


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