Our Pro Tips to find the Best Hotspots in your city!

It is no secret that finding the perfect spot for meetings is a real art. Some go crazy, others get grey hair looking for it.

In the following we would like to help you prevent such situations and show you how to find your perfect spot easily.

1. The place should be well visited – but still have an intimate atmosphere

Women in particular can get a queasy feeling if you meet in less frequented places. Therefore it is important to be able to anticipate this feeling directly. But remember that it should not be too loud or so busy that there are no free places left. The most important thing is and remains that your meeting goes well and it would be a pity if you hardly understood what you were saying.

2. The meeting place should be easily accessible

It is important that the way to the location is no problem for one of you. Ideally it should have a good connection with the public transport.

3. The menu should offer something for everyone

Make sure that the menu is as varied as possible. Especially that vegetarian and vegan dishes are also available. So there is something for everyone and you avoid unpleasant situations.

4. The evaluation

It never hurts to have a look at how the location is rated. You can see that with us simply by clicking on it. Even if not everyone is always of the same opinion, general tendencies usually point in one direction.

5. and last but not least – the opening hours

The most banal thing could be so annoying when you forget it. To prevent this from happening, you can check the opening hours directly on NETME.

If you follow all our tips, nothing should stand in the way of your meeting. Now just approach it relaxed and easy and nothing can go wrong – we are sure, and so should you ;)


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