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Life is not a straight line. There are many curves, junctions and sometimes circles. And that’s exactly how an app should accompany you.

For this reason, NETME is flexible.

Some things in life changes far too quickly. Relationships end, the tenancy agreement is cancelled, the studies are finished – that’s how life goes. Even if we often feel offended at first, in the end it makes us stronger. We shall not be afraid of changes but be curious about the new ones.

If your way leads you to another country or another city, be it for studying or for your job, it is often very difficult to make friends. Especially in smaller cities you often feel as if you are “bursting into” an existing community.

The situation is similar with short/-long stays abroad. Especially if you don’t speak the language there perfectly, you often don’t feel 100% self-confident, so it makes sense to have a platform where you can communicate this problem but still dare to approach locals – we so-called this our “ice break” moment.

Whether you spontaneously decide to move, do a semester abroad or just want to broaden your horizon by looking for new conversation partners, with NETME you will find it very easy and straight forward to encounter new people and explore the city.

We hope to accompany you on all your journeys and no matter where the journey takes you, NETME adapts to your life.


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