Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable – in your own way!

Valentine’s Day is officially the “Day of Lovers”. Around the world, we often associate it with hearts, couples in love, and kitschy stuffed animals.

But why not turn it around and really spend the day with those who are special to us. Be it your best friend, your mom, the family dog or your fellow student. Below are some cool ideas on how to spend this day in the coolest different way possible.

1: Movie night

February is known for its let’s say mixed weather. That makes it all the nicer to snuggle under the covers, eat popcorn and discuss the really important things in life: “popcorn -sweet or salty?” and “which Harry Potter part are we watching?”.

2: Valentine’s Day Walk

Do you love nature as much as we do at NETME? Then a long walk should definitely be on your To-Do list! Even if the weather isn’t the best – exercise and fresh air is always good for your body and soul. The thought of a cup of cocoa at home might also motivate you further.

3: (Car) Cinema

Depending on whether you enjoy a drive-in movie in your hometown, going to the movies is never a bad idea. Why not treat yourself to the last row of seats on this special day and even save a little on one of the many Valentine’s Day deals availbale. For the girls: we may have heard in our office that Magic Mike is running over Valentine’s Day… just thought we’d mention it ;)

4: Cooking night

The classic – and rightfully so! What could be better than preparing your favorite meal with your loved ones while listening to loud relaxing jazz or your current favorite song? Whether it’s your mom, best friend, partner or your buddy – there are no rules here and no do’s and don’ts. The only don’t we see is eating too little cheese and chocolate ;)

5: Giving attention, not only on Valentine’s Day

When was the last time you thanked your neighbor for watering your flowers, your best friend for listening to you, or your co-worker for listening to all your thoughts every day?
On the day of the lovers it would be a nice opportunity to give a piece back. Be it with your favorite chocolate or by sending a card. As a small tip: Especially fresh singles often have it particularly difficult on this day. A little attention directly changes the mood.

We at NETME are convinced that everyone has the right to live Valentine’s Day to the fullest! So be confident and don’t listen to others. Enjoy the day with your loved ones, in the way you feel to!


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