Lets be Old School and get back to Old Good Real-Life Meetings

As simple as it sounds. NETME does not swipe, chat and judge by looks. For us, the focus is to get to know new people, in person. Therefore, real-life meetings are almost inevitable.

The concept is very simple: create a short profile, choose a place to meet, send out an invite, done.

We want to stop all this writing, which often leads to nothing. Because either one of them does not answer anymore, loses interest, gets a new match or simply because of conflicts like: “When do you have time?” or “Where do we want to meet?”.

When chatting, expectations arise that you often can not fulfill. You only really get to know each other when you are sitting in front of each other. And not just the phone in front of you.

We concentrate on what is really important and that is, in our eyes, personal interaction.

However, we also live in the now. Therefore, we know that meeting new people is no longer possible without the use of technical devices. Thus, we have brought our idea to life. As an app. The handling is simple and clear – fitting to our idea.

NETME helps you to experience more real-life meetings

Do not worry – we take care that your data is safe with us. Plus, we care about the places you meet. They need to be public and offer you a safe space.

There is no such thing that could substitute human feelings. Moreover, real life talks, gestures and facial expressions are important for our mental health and well being. As the human is created to be in a group, we seek for all those things.

With NETME you can start to combine your online with your offline world. Simply by using two cards which you can find in the app.

In the end, nothing matters more than the social contact. This can not be substituted by any online presence.


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