How to Make New Friends despite Covid-19?

There is hardly any other topic in the news that concerns each of us as much as the current pandemic.

Not only does it cost many people their living, it is also particularly hard on those who are new to a city, newly single or those who generally find it difficult to meet new people. 

Lockdown extended – what now?

Working from home has become standard – studies and school have been replaced with online learning – things like catching up with a new colleague during lunch is currently not possible. So what now?

Unfortunately the current situation leaves us with no other choice than to use our phone and perhaps re-use some apps, that we may have long forgotten about or not had the best experience on.

Still meet new people with NETME

NETME is one of many apps that offers you to meet new people but in a very easy and casual way. It all works by sending out a 1-to-1 invitation (which can also be dated several months in advance!) to a person from your neighbourhood, with a place and time to meet – this could be for example a walk together in the park next door! Once an invitation gets accepted, it opens up a chat window, where you communicate with each other, just prior of your meeting!

Even if it is a particular concern of ours to reduce the time that we spend socialising in front of our cell phones, it is even more important to us to keep you safe but offer you a social network where you can still meet new people, despite the current situation.

Our App is free and the launch of our Android version is just around the corner! So why not check it out right away here.

We hope you get through the time well and we would be happy if you could make contacts in our community and help yourself over the sad time. 

Stay healthy and keep your joy for life, because nothing and nobody can change how rich friends and family make us! Always keep that in mind!


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