How do I recognise a Toxic Friendship or Relationship?

Toxic relationships are becoming more and more of a public issue. But what exactly do they mean? Do you suffer from one yourself? What is the best way to end it or is it not necessary to end it at all?

A toxic friendship or relationship is one that gives you more negative emotions than positive ones. Sounds quite simple. In reality, however, it is not that easy to determine this.

But how can I tell if I am suffering from this?

Below we have gathered 6 Signs, Effect, and Tips for your personal healthline:

#1 Meetings are postponed

You feel the meetings are more of an obligation than you actually want to meet. After the meetings you feel relieved and not really full of new energy.

#2 Lack of loyalty

You cannot rely on the person in crucial situations. They keep finding new excuses for anything.

#3 No empathy

The person has great problems understanding your processed thoughts. As a result, you feel alone, although you should be able to count on them. If you are in groups, you are often made fun of and receive no support.

#4 Attachment

What many mistakenly interpret as a great kind of affection and love is actually often a kind of attachment. Constantly getting calls and messages is not a sign of caring, it shows in most cases, a great insecurity of the other person. Fear of disappointment, jealousy or general resentment are also common reasons. This toxic nature often puts pressure on those affected. They feel obligated to message or call on a regular basis.

#5 Cool behaviour

You are never asked about your well-being and have the impression that your opinion is hardly considered. You are not cared for and the other person’s feelings are constantly put in focus.

#6 Assignment of blame

The other person blames you in all situations. They specifically ask for help or support and often then use this as a reason for personal failure. The person does not own up to mistakes but blames you directly so that they always look good.

Is it OK to end a toxic relationship with someone?

You often only realise very late how toxic a relationship is or how much a relationship has changed in this direction. The most important thing is that in a relationship, be it an acquaintance, a friendship or a relationship, positive emotions outweigh negative ones.

It is normal that there are arguments and discussions, and in some circumstances they can even improve the relationship through constructive exchanges. However, you should never feel badly treated. In that case, the only right thing to do is to cut off the relationship immediately.


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