Healthy Work-Life Balance? Here is how to maintain one

We all know the phrase „I can’t, I have to work” by now. We all used it ourselves and hear it almost daily. In the following we will provide you how to maintain a healthy work-life balance!

You get up, go to work, talk to the same colleagues as every day and go home again. Exhausted, drained. Some still go to the fitness studio, others directly to the couch.

If you have further training courses in other cities, friendships fall apart easily.

So what can be done to break this circle? We only have free time at the weekend and even this has to be planned long before it can happen.

The reason for this is our mind. It suggests, when we are at our work place, that we should be a different person there. We are more ambitious, more empathetic and generally pay more attention to our looks. We find this exhausting. And after a long day, we see ourselves as being us again. Most people see their home as a dream come true. Others strive to optimize themselves. Which is why they go to the gym first.

But you can break the circle by building friendships between these two stages!

No one will ever get up for dinner after coming home from work and making themselves comfortable in front of Netflix. No matter how good the friendship is. Because inside we’ve already finished the day and are looking forward to the feeling of security that comes with being at home.

The most important Tip on how to maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Use your breaks! Especially your lunch break, to get to know people. It is just as good to do this after work.

Our mind sees it as a step between our work and the security of our home. In addition, the time factor is not an issue, since you take a lunch break every day anyway.

Likewise, one should see further options in other cities as an opportunity to get to know new people.

Taking advantage of these times is what drives us to optimise our work-life balance.

Life is not just about work – but it’s not about Netflix either ;)

It is about living, making friends, gaining new impressions and discovering who you are. To set yourself new goals. To see and experience new things. Use your time – because it is right now.


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