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No – NETME is an app with the focus on making new acquaintances offline.

Of course NETME also flirts, but the focus is on getting to know each other in a friendly way.
You can find new friends on NETME, make cool acquaintances and with a bit of luck, find the love of your life.

Everything about connecting with people on NETME is free.

You can send invitations, set up meetings, invite users and much more.

Getting to know new people doesn’t cost you a single dime.

You can upgrade to an optional Premium Membership to receive extra features like unlimited number of invitations per day.
This money is used for the development of the app, the servers and the marketing, so we can grow as a community.

Find someone nearby, pick a place to meet and send an invitation by pressing on the envelope sign at the bottom of a users profile page.

Yes – you can send up to 2 invitations per day.

Alternatively you can sign up for a Premium membership and receive unlimited invitations per day.

Go to the invitation and tap on the red cross.

  • 1. A user has cancelled an upcoming meeting
  • 2. A meeting has not been accepted and the date is now in the past
  • 3. A user has been banned or deleted his profile

Since transparency is very important to us, we definitely want it to be you. For this, your face must be clearly recognizable.

Just try another picture – there is no reason to hide anyway :-)

Oops – seems like something on your profile is missing! But no problem – just go to your profile and make sure that all points are filled out and you are good to go!

You can find them by clicking on the avatar icon in the upper right corner – scroll down and press on Terms & Conditions.

We are still a young app and still in the process of building a community. But we are growing every day and you can also help by telling your friends about NETME :)

  • 1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store on your iPhone
  • 2. Tap on the top of your Apple ID and then on View Apple ID
  • 3. Scroll down and tap on subscriptions
  • 4. Tap the subscription you want to manage
  • 5. Tap on Unsubscribe

Note: More information about your termination can be found here

Do you have any more questions or feedback? Send us a message to support@netme.eu

You can send inquiries directly to info@netme.eu – we appreciate any feedback and hope that you like the app.

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