Exciting News: We’re Starting our Own Campaign!

Anyone who has been following us for a while knows that we are an app that aims to use the times of digitization to establish initial online contact in order to then meet offline. On NETME, people meet in localities, at sights or other places where you like to be.

Various lockdowns and restrictions have therefore also affected us and our concept.

Due to 1: 1 meetings we were an app with a concept for most of the time, which was also realizable, but one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced along, are the opening/closing of Restaurants and Bars, as these are the meeting points for you.

We then thought about how we could best use the time and therefore we worked at full speed to fix bugs and develop the Android version, which you will be able to experience in only a couple of more weeks!

Since the desire for constant Social Networking hasn’t diminished at all – on the contrary: it became an ever-growing desire for many who’s contact with classmates, fellow students, work colleagues, etc.. has been lost – we decided to start a campaign to still provide you with an optimal experience on our app despite the difficult time, and thus help you to continue to have a social life.

Fortunately, we were even sponsored by the city of Munich, which immediately identified the potential behind NETME.

The goal behind the campaign is to further adjust our app to the current situation by adding additional locations to the Map, such as parks where you can enjoy a nice walk together, but also get ready for the life after lockdown and make it easier for everyone to return to a normal social life.

If you would like to become a part of something great, you can directly support us on Indiegogo.

Until then – stay healthy! Together, we will do it


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