Say Goodbye to long Chats

Grandma used to say that there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee with the right people. And you have to say – she’s right.

I remember before everyone had cellphones, me and my best friend would set a time and place to meet after school and we would always be there. 

We would ride our bikes and head for our usual meeting spot at the same time every day. And if one of us was late the other would ride straight to his place to check on them. If he’s sick that would mean he would sleep over and play vgames all night, to make sure he doesn’t feel lonely. This was almost 17 years ago, and we still are best friends today.

If we take a look at communication over the years we see how much easier it is to reach someone now versus back when it wasn’t possible to contact someone except through letters or by visiting them.

Now we are used to hearing from each other every minute. This brings a certain pressure with it. Which is probably known by almost all of us.

But isn’t it much nicer to have long conversations than to send each other cat videos? Do such videos, in any way, help me to get to know a person? The answer is usually “no”. In fact, it often complicates everything.

On NETME meetings take place in regularly visited locations, which, offer enough privacy for the conversation partners.

This provides a feeling of security for the users. It also ensures that the focus is on the conversations and social interactions.

Because that is exactly what really counts in the end.

And on top of that – who would mind a piece of cake and a cup of latte macchiato :)


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