Best Places to Meet and Chat

For many, the question of “where” is a real horror. We would like to take that fear and pressure of the question where to meet and present you the best places to meet and chat.

At NETME you can choose from a variety of locations as meeting points. Reason is that locations offer a safe space. Of course, not all of your meetings have to take place in a restaurant or café. But it still is nice to have such a location for your first meeting.

Women in particular know the queasy feeling that arises when you meet at someone’s home. Or at another for you unknown place because you are e.g. new in town. But sometimes it also is unpleasant for men. There are so many unknown things in a meeting. One generally does not know the other, does not know the character and behaviour. To meet in an unknown and rushed place like the city centre means headache – and we get that.

So, what are the best places to meet?

That is easy: it depends on what type of meeting you are going into.

Pick a Restaurant, if you are looking for a more warm and casual meet. You can reduce stress by the fact that you take care of the well-being. In addition, food actually calms our nerves. The fact of sitting at a quiet table also leads to a better ability to concentrate on the person opposite.

Choose a Café, if you want to meet for a quick coffee. The atmosphere is informal and every sweet tooth gets its money’s worth here :)

A Bar is the right place for you, if you like to exchange ideas over a cocktail. Or to end the day together in a group. Because is there a better way to do that than with a fresh, cool beer?

At the end of the day, we may not forget one thing: you are the focus of attention. You and your personality. And this should never get lost in the hectic of life.

Our goal is to connect you guys as good as possible and to focus on what is really important – to be together.

That being said, we wish you a good time for your next meeting :)


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