NETME Photo Verification – Say Goodbye to Fake Accounts

Not knowing who you really write with? Too much 2000 for us. On NETME, we make sure that it’s really you! To do this we check every profile pictures personally and all verifications badges are only given out, if we can confirm your identity to 100%. Unfortunately we can’t exclude the possibility that you’ll get […]

For Friendships, Dating & Networking

Life is not a straight line. There are many curves, junctions and sometimes circles. And that’s exactly how an app should accompany you. For this reason, NETME is flexible. Some things in life changes far too quickly. Relationships end, the tenancy agreement is cancelled, the studies are finished – that’s how life goes. Even if […]

What it means being a Woman in times of Social Apps

Apps like Tinder & Co. hardly any woman trusts in them anymore. Too often unwanted pictures or messages came around or, what is even worse for most people, it was first pretended as if one was looking for a relationship, and then the tide turns after the first meeting. At that point, an emotional bond […]

Lets be Old School and get back to Old Good Real-Life Meetings

As simple and straightforward as it sounds. NETME does not swipe, chat and judge by appearance. For us, the focus is on getting to know new people, in person. The concept is very simple: create a short profile, choose a meeting place, send out an invitation, done. We want to stop all this writing around, […]

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