Long-Distance Relationships in Times of Digitalisation

Does the following phrase sound familiar to you? Social networks unite people from all over the world and allow the creation of friendships or long-distance relationships. That’s right, probably not. Today everyone talks about how much social networks and digitization in general open doors for us. Now it’s easier than ever to keep in touch […]

What Influence Media and Smartphones has on our Everyday Life

Whether we want to believe it or not, media has a huge impact and influence on our views and our everyday lives. We spend more time with our smartphones than probably most people with their spouses, family or friends. The question is, is this still healthy? Is the Smartphone making us sick? The answer is, it […]

Looking Back on NETME in 2021

We’ve all been put to the test during the past year. Fears, worries, confusion, hope… a roller coaster of emotions that’s more than justified in a year like 2021. We’re eager to share our 2021 with you. What was Our Perception of 2021 at NETME? It was a tough year, but at NETME, we see every challenge as an opportunity. Our user base is growing and so is NETME . While dealing with the closed localities, we primarily improved and redesigned the […]

#Afterlockdown: A New Way to Meet People

One lockdown follows the next. The rules change every day and nobody has an overview anymore. Right in the middle: we. Right – people like you and me who are looking for friends, dates, nice drinks and fun conversations. Corona rules even functioning? Confined by strict political guidelines, it is difficult to find a way […]

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