An Efficient Guide on How to Interact Online

For many people it is very difficult to express their personality optimally on platforms, apps and in chats. The temptation of filters, anonymity and the confusion of all emojis is too great.

We have taken a closer look at the topic and thought about it to be able to help you in the best possible way.

What do you want to represent

Here the answer should be: Simply you – as you are and no other version of you as you might like to be.

What is the goal of your representation

This is probably where the biggest problems lie. Many people want to convince themselves because they have the feeling of being in constant competition in the online world. Here they rely on an “optimization” of themselves. However, this supposed “optimization” usually does more harm than good. People are interested in authentic people.

How do you pursue the goal of your self-expression

Especially online, the possibilities are almost unlimited. From filters, where the face is already partly unrecognisable, to emojis, which (used incorrectly) can often give a wrong impression, to misunderstandings in text communication, because the important factors gestures and facial expressions are missing.

Our tip: Less is more. The shorter your online presence, the better, nothing can really replace a meeting in real life. And if it cannot be avoided, try to play with humour, sarcasm and so on, only when you know your chat partner really well and he knows you. Otherwise it can unfortunately lead to serious misunderstandings.

And very important: Stay yourself! All filters and so on, distort who you really are. Nobody needs dog ears to arouse sympathy. Stay true to yourself, because showing yourself as you really are is the best way to convince yourself.


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