#Afterlockdown: A New Way to Meet People

One lockdown follows the next. The rules change every day and nobody has an overview anymore. Right in the middle: we.
Right – people like you and me who are looking for friends, dates, nice drinks and fun conversations.

Corona rules even functioning?

Confined by strict political guidelines, it is difficult to find a way to meet new people in accordance with the law, not to intensify the development of the pandemic, but still find a healthy psychological balance. Evenings alone can often be a burden for us – the interlocutor is missing, especially now when we would need him most. There is no social exchange – conversations about the weather, the late subway or studying a menu, even though you’re having the same thing as always anyway.

How the pandemic might play out in 2021

2021 will be a challenge for all of us. We have to manage the balancing act between social interactions and conscious behavior.

Meetings with masks, sufficient distance and all that under the observance of the hygiene measures will be part of our everyday life this year.

Let us get all involved! We not only contribute to a quicker return to our former life this way, but we also stabilise our inner being by cultivating new acquaintances and restoring the social exchange that is so important for us.


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