Why NETME Is Important

We air you up with like-minded people, and instead of just socializing with them online, you get to actually meet them in person.

How NETME Works

Make a profile, see who is in your neighbourhood and simply send out an invitation to another user – once accepted, simply meet at the pre-agreed upon location.

The Founding of NETME

After living, studying and working in different countries, we realized how hard it is to make real connections
when leaving the student environment.

Disappointed by the lack of seriosity we knew that meeting offline should be the quickest outcome of these
online apps and that’s how the idea for NETME came about,
most precisely an App without swiping, long chats and dubious requests.

The Team Behind


CEO in

„New technologies and new ways
of thinking are my passion.”


CMO in

„Problem solver
and marketing enthusiast.”

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