A couple of words from Karim Yamani, NETME Founder and CEO

After years of studying abroad and visiting different places around the world, it became clear to me that making friends became harder and harder over these years. The mentality of people changed drastically. Back then when you wanted to become friends with someone, you would try to get to know them first, and they would do the same. Unlike today where people have this superficial swiping mentality, which judges people on their “profile picture” and a few lines to define themselves with.

As a result, I have made it my goal to do something about it. Social togetherness should be in focus again instead of indiscriminate matches and hundreds of chats.. and that’s how the idea for NETME came about!

The easiest way to bring together what I was looking for and the current situation was via a connection between our smartphones, which are currently indispensable, and real-life meetings.

It is my wish to bring out the best of the times of digitalisation for our personal life and thus optimise our personal life.

This is the base on which NETME was created and this is the problem which it aims to solve. It gets its uniqueness from other platforms in the way that there’s no swiping and chatting, instead we aim to optimize your personal life in a digitalized way, but at the end everything happens live and face-to-face.

We believe we can always make something better and there’s always room to grow and hopefully we keep growing together with our community to build something beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

Best of wishes.



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