5 Tips for the Home Office

Many of us know it. Spontaneously and rushed, many were sent to the home office. Often the equipment is still poor and tasks are not clearly allocated.

We help you to deal with this new situation and show you tips on how to make the best out of the current situation:

1. Clear procedures

This is the most important point. The biggest mistake is to start the laptop right after the alarm clock. Our brain immediately goes into work mode and we can’t help but work off the work that has been left behind. Until then our stomach growls, we are in a bad mood because the coffee is missing and we are still in our pj’s. Therefore: Set your alarm clock and start your usual morning routine. Especially the energy of breakfast should not be underestimated and helps us to start the day better. This morning routine also makes it easier for us to make a distinction between everyday life and work, despite the lack of spatial separation. The most dangerous thing is when these boundaries become blurred.

2. Don’t forget fixed times and breaks ;)

There we answer another email, here we take a call. No problem, because we are in the home office and have time for it. Here, however, it is important to ensure that you give yourself important breaks in which you cannot even be reached for work. Especially the lunch break is very important here.

3. Take care of the balance

Sitting for hours is not beneficial for the psyche or our body. It’s therefore a good idea to take a walk during the lunch break or after work. Not only does this get our circulation going, it also makes it easier for our head to separate work from everyday life because of the different environments.

4. Dealing with family, partners and roommates

This is the biggest challenge for most people. You’re there, but somehow you’re not. Especially when the other person has complete freedom, you are often called in to do household chores. The sentence “I cannot” is often taken personally or misinterpreted. Here a preliminary talk is very important. Fixed times, for example, can solve this problem considerably. It is easiest to arrange it with a separate room, but this is often only possible to a limited extent. If one seeks the conversation beforehand and tackles the problem, there is hardly any potential for conflict in the situation itself. It is only important that both persons take it seriously.

5. Reduce distraction as much as possible

Working on a computer alone is very tempting. With Google everything can be found, from research for work to planned private purchases – everything is possible. Exactly that is to be avoided. So you can plan certain researches etc. directly for the evening, so you have additionally something to look forward to. 

The biggest source of distraction is clearly the mobile phone – it is usually next to us. As tempting as it is to see all the latest information, work remains work. By “avoiding” sources of distraction, the thought of reward after work is even greater

We ourselves know every problem we list and therefore know exactly how difficult home office can be! The most important thing to remember is that work at the end of the day is just work. Don’t make the mistake of making work your life, because that won’t help anyone in the end.


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